Did Humans Create the Pyramids or Was Someone Else Responsible?

alien architectsThe pyramids of Giza in Egypt are a true work of wonder. Allegedly built as tombs for the ancient pharaohs, these astonishing feats of engineering have endured for thousands of years, and have captured human imagination for just as long. History tells us that these massive structures were built from hand-hewn rock and assembled by slaves. But were humans at that time really responsible for creating something that even modern architects struggle to recreate, or was there something else behind it?

Egyptian folklore describe the pharaohs as gods, or direct descendants from them, with supernatural powers and abilities. They are said to have access to vast knowledge and advanced technology, which seems to indicate that their origin lies beyond our Earthly plane.

There’s also the fact that pyramids have been found all over the world amongst civilizations completely independent from one another, with almost identical features and similarities.

Where did this idea to construct pyramids come from and how were these people able to build them in such symmetrical perfection? One popular theory involves visitors from outer space, who frequented our planet several millennia ago and directly influenced human evolution and the development of integrated societies.

The gods and kings of old are nothing but extraterrestrial astronauts who have passed into the world of myths and legends. It makes sense that an advanced race of beings could travel across our world, creating or initiating the concept of these structures on different continents and thus explaining why we have found pyramids in every high-level society throughout the history of mankind. Anti-gravitational machinery could also be responsible for putting up the massive pyramids in what old records describe could be done in an incredibly short amount of time and with needle-eye precision.

pyramids and aliens

The idea of these monuments as nothing more than royal tombs seems more and more far-fetched, so what was their purpose?

One can possibly explain it by examining the locations of the most famous pyramids in relation to Earth’s rotation and its magnetic field. They all line up according to satellite data, with each one occupying the space of a certain focal point of magnetic energy and force fields. There’s simply no way these people could have known this unless they were being guided by someone who could observe our planet from above, and who had access to astronomical knowledge.

Astrological theorists suggest that the points of energy were used as conduits, transferring great amounts of magnetic plasma to other locations on Earth, as well as off planet. Perhaps alien beings used the pyramids as a way to process the Earth’s natural occurring energy fields which enabled them to traverse great distances in a matter of seconds, and even open up portals to other dimensions.

Whatever the purpose, the pyramids continue to fascinate and mystify us to this day. A true wonder in every sense of the word, and maybe also a testament to humanity’s interaction with extraterrestrial visitors.

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