How Many Abductees are There Amongst Us, Without Even Knowing It?


Have you ever woken up after a dream that seemed so vivid you could swear it was real? What if it wasn’t your subconscious cleansing your mind of unfinished thought cycles and repressed fears and anxiety, but something actually occurred? It’s a scary concept, and something that is supposedly happening to hundreds of people each year. A lot of these experiences involve being abducted by unknown entities, possibly from another planet.

Alleged abductees say they’ve been taken from their homes or cars by bright lights, to later find themselves on operating tables in strange medical facilities and subjected to bizarre experiments. These experiments range from physical examinations to forced sexual relations. The abductees are then returned to the place where they were taken, with no memories of the abduction itself or the events that led up to it. It is only through regressive hypnosis that these memories are recovered, often with traumatic consequences for the victim.

The most famous case involves a married couple, Barney and Betty Hill, who back in 1961 while taking their annual vacation trip they were stopped by a bright light in the sky. The light turned out to be coming from an unidentified craft, piloted by extraterrestrial beings. The couple were brought aboard a bigger mothership and subjected to a series of experiments before they were returned to their vehicle. It wasn’t until years later that this event was confirmed with the help of a psychologist specializing in repressed memory retrieval.

When studying these reports and claims, a few common factors are instantly established. There’s always the presence of extremely bright light and a sense of numbness or loss of motor skills described by the subjects. Experimentation and medical procedures are always involved in some way, and the memories of the abduction are temporarily¬†erased. It is only via external stimuli that these memories are able to resurface, which raises the question of how many other victims there could possibly be out there.

Perhaps someone you know has been taken, only they don’t recall the event? Maybe you yourself are carrying repressed memories and don’t even know it?

Just a thought – or is it?

taken by aliens