The Coming of the Tenth Planet? Reported Sightings of Nibiru on the Internet

The planet of Nibiru is a hot topic amongst UFO enthusiasts and alien conspiracy theorists these days. Plenty of believers in the existence of this mysterious planetary object are convinced that Nibiru is the home of our evolutionary ancestors and that its coming heralds the end of the world. Apparently, the end is nigh, as video footage of the planet┬áhas appeared on the internet. Self-proclaimed doom prophet Melissa Huffman has posted a video on YouTube, claiming to have captured the elusive planet on film as it’s heading towards Earth on an imminent collision course.┬áHer footage shows a bright object hovering close to the sun, that could be the fabled tenth planet.

Planet X

This discovery comes only days after a strange, pyramid-shaped UFO was spotted over Sao Paolo in Brazil, which sparked a heated debate in the extraterrestrial community. Unidentified crafts of this particular shape are known to have visited Earth on several previous occasions. Some of these are singular objects while others appear in group formations. This isn’t the first time Brazil has been visited, either. In 1996 a large pyramid object was recorded floating above the city of Pelotas. The vessel appeared to be a mother craft of some sort with smaller UFO’s flying in and out of it. Quite a few seem to have connected this sighting with the alleged coming of Nibiru as part of one momentous event that will forever change life on Earth. Is it possible that these sightings are scouting parties from Nibiru that increase in activity as the planet draws closer?

Brazilian Flying Pyramid

Sceptics and mainstream scientists dismiss the claim as preposterous and point out that the Sao Paolo sighting was captured by using a magnified zoom, making the pyramid UFO no bigger than a small bird. This hasn’t quelled the rumours going around amongst conspiracy theorists, who are certain our planet is facing an invasion unlike anything that has been witnessed before, and that our makers are indeed pushing Nibiru on a course for Earth.

Comments regarding the bright object in the sky involve the coming of an extraterrestrial master race that is said to inhabit the mysterious planet, commonly known as Planet X or Nemesis. Once the planet has been sighted, ancient records state that the world will have 40 days to prepare for the coming doomsday. It has happened before, last time was 15,000 years ago, and the cycle is apparently about to repeat itself once more.

On the other hand, there’s the (albeit unlikely) possibility that the footage is nothing more than a product of a lens flare effect. One user suggested that Nibiru is nothing more than a tropospheric reflection that occurs when sunlight hits atmospheric ice crystals. The bright spot is not the legendary tenth planet, it’s sunbeams scattered in the clouds. The phenomenon is well-known and is still a remarkable sight, as it is quite rare.

Start prepping for the imminent apocalypse, or enjoy one of nature’s wonders?

You decide.