US Election Candidates Might Have Extraterrestrial Supporters

american election time

The 2016 primaries are in full swing…

If you would have told your friends a few years back that the prime candidates for the US presidency would include a reality TV business man with a fake hairdo and an outspoken Communist, they’d probably laugh in your face. And yet here we are in 2016, and Donald Trump is dominating the polls as the GOP nominee, just ahead of Ted Cruz, while Bernie Sanders has pulled even-stephven with Hillary Clinton in Iowa and managed to snatch the win from her in New Hampshire.

What exactly is going on with the world when the most powerful nation in the Western hemisphere is rallying behind a headline-touting demagogue and an expiring social democrat?

Before the campaigns began in earnest, every political expert predicted that both Trump and Sanders would soon fade into oblivion once the primaries started. The Donald’s promises of banning illegal immigrants, raising a wall between the US and Mexico (and make the Mexicans pay for it), closing the borders for Muslims and taking back the jobs from the Chinese and Indians have led to a massive lead in the polls. Meanwhile, the Bern’s vows to implement universal health care, free tuition and extensive taxation on Wall Street and major corporations have made him the prominent contender to the throne in the Democrat camp.

It almost seems surreal when you stop and think about it for a second.

republican vs democrat

Sceptics and extraterrestrial theorists speculate that the 2016 election is nothing more than a massive social experiment, carried out by alien parties in order to see how the world responds.

It’s really not that far-fetched of an idea when you look at the circus that is the US election campaign. What better way to test the status quo than injecting a polarizing fearmongerer together with a far-left socialist and propelling them to the forefront of American politics?

Some conspiracists say the general election will be monitored by alien interests from hidden bases on the far side of the moon. These visitors have invested huge amounts of time and money in creating a bizarre political climate ripe for drastic change. By secretely promoting the independent fringes of the political spectrum, they’re trying to determine the current shifts in attitude in relation to human evolution.

The presidential election could be nothing more than a big poll in itself, to see where the human race will go from here.

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