Global Warning! Possible Meteor Collision in 2016 Creates Panic Amongst Astronomers

meteor collisionJuly 10th, 2011. Reports from the CBATIAU (Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams from the International Astronomical Union – phew!) stated some, mildly speaking, disturbing news as our planet was hit by a series of smaller meteor showers. Although the particles themselves were to small to cause any serious damage upon entering our atmosphere, there’s a real concern in astronomical circles of what the shower could possibly indicate.

Streams of cosmic dust and rocks that pass close enough to be observed only happens two or three times every century, but is a constant threat. Meteor showers are often a prelude to much larger bodies on an identical trajectory. There are multiple particle streams passing Earth each year, but only when gravitational forces hurl them in our path do we become aware of their existence. The last report contained several warnings of a large meteor following in the stream’s wake – one that has the potential of colliding with our planet in 2016.

Both NASA and SETI are monitoring the skies with state of the art camera equipment in the hopes of catching the main object and triangulate its current course. The prospects of an imminent collision has caused massive ripples amongst astronomers and created panic within the extraterrestrial and modern survival communities. Theorists speculate that the meteor is a weapon sent to wipe us out in order to “wipe the slate clean”. These theories involve both alien and internal parties as culprits. Others claim that the meteor in question is actually the legendary Planet X itself, marking the return of the ancient Sumerian gods. This has also, in accordance with the recent resurgence of old beliefs, triggered a massive investment frenzy in gold bars for sale, as gold is the preferred energy source of the Nibiru inhabitants.

the nibiru cataclysm

Whether the meteor showers of 2011 were a precursor of an ordinary meteor or the Nibiru Cataclysm, everyone should be concerned of what 2016 will mean for our planet. The International Astronomical Union has so far listed more than 400 separate meteor showers and bodies passing Earth in close proximity, and there’s no telling yet if the next one will be another near-miss or an actual extinction event.

All we can do is wait and see – and prepare for what’s coming…